Our mission is to provide students with the academic and social opportunities that will enable them to become productive and responsible individuals in our society. Our goal is to provide an academic atmosphere in which every student will develop curiosity; demonstrate the self-discipline to persevere; engage in problem solving strategies; employ critical thinking skills; embrace risk-taking; take pride in developing good work habits; become self-directed learners; and independent thinkers.  In addition, we encourage all students to become individual who are tolerant of individual differences, who respect themselves and others, and who participate in the decision-making process.



In order to serve our mission, the Mount Sinai School District will:

  1. Support District administrators that have empowered teachers to achieve the best educational experience in New York State.

  2. Make extensive use of technology and 21st Century learning opportunities to expand student learning in an increasingly fluid, interconnected, and complex world.

  3. Maximize the potential of each student by providing authentic learning experiences for all of our students through business, university, and community contacts.

  4. Demonstrate exemplary educational leadership practices in each of our schools and the District.

  5. Explore and advocate for change in school funding sources.




  • Public education is the hope of the future. 

  • The students are our community’s most valuable asset.

  • A culture of respect, trust, professionalism and high expectations for students, employees, and parents is essential to be an optimal learning organization.

  • The family plays a vital role in the child’s development and education.

  • Every student is capable of learning and achieving individual success and should be provided with significant opportunities to build on their strengths and interests and explore potential careers.

  • We achieve greater success with students when the adults share a vision, invest in its attainments, align our work, and work collaboratively with colleagues, families, other districts, colleges and businesses.

  • A successful district has strong leadership from all constituent groups.

  • Excellence in learning is directly related to excellence in teaching.

  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity are critical to world peace and harmony.