Questions About Our Schools Testing for COVID-19

FAQ About Our Schools Testing for COVID-19

Who will perform the test?

Our school nurses have volunteered to do the testing.  Districts who were already declared a Yellow Zone and performed the testing received nurses and other personnel from the Department of Health. The DOH also supplied the test kits free of charge to those districts. Our building administrators and nurses felt that students and staff would feel more comfortable if a familiar person performed the test. The test is a LOW NASAL SWAB that will touch inside the lower portion of the nostril.


What will happen to the information/data as a result of the test?

All information and test results will remain confidential.  A designated employee will be responsible for inputting the data to the New York State website.  If a student or staff member tests positive they will be sent home to quarantined.  If the student or staff member tests negative they will receive a letter stating such.  This information is stated on the document that is posted on each building’s website which requires the parent’s signature. The test is NOT sent to a lab. The test results will be revealed within 15 minutes.


What does the testing site look like?

Each of the District’s three buildings will have their own testing site. Due to the various stations that are needed for the set-up, a large space is needed. That is why our principals are considering use of the gym on the day of testing. Only one building will test per day. We have two weeks to complete the testing of 20% of the District’s population (staff and students). The entire testing process should not take more than 15 minutes from start to finish.


The typical stations within the testing site are as follows:


* Welcome and check in with a person familiar with all staff and students.

* Pre-Test Screening - Includes Pre-Test screening questions and test registration.

* Pre-Test waiting area - Masks on and chairs spaced six feet apart.

* Testing-Swabbing Station - Tests performed by our nurses with an assist from DOH personnel, full PPE required.

* Post-Test Waiting Area.

* Reagent Table - To safely store tests while awaiting results. DOH personnel will handle the storing of the tests.

* Test Reading Table

* Education Station - Best practice-review of test results with the person tested.  A positive test will result in immediate contact with the parent. The child will be placed in the safe zone that the building already has to accommodate persons suspected of having COVID.

* ECLRS Data Input Reporting Station.

Will the waiting area be crowded?

No.  The chairs will be separated by at least six feet and those waiting must wear masks. Each building will have its own site and deal with its own population. Teachers will test before or after school, or during their free period. The students will be scheduled to avoid crowding.


Will the community be receiving more details and information regarding being labeled a Yellow Zone and testing?

Yes. More information and details will be coming in the next week.  Each building is preparing a video presentation to walk the parents and guardians through the simple and quick testing process. I will alert the community when those videos are posted.  PLEASE NOTE that we have not been labeled a Yellow Zone.  No such word has come from the Governor, the County or the DOH. Should that happen I will notify the community immediately.  Then we would have three days in which to begin testing.  That is why we need to be prepared with our testing sites and with our 20% pool of staff and students who are willing to be tested.